Learning Shapes & Colours

Product image 1Learning Shapes & Colours - QUIRK + foible London
Product image 2Learning Shapes & Colours - QUIRK + foible London
Product image 3Learning Shapes & Colours - QUIRK + foible London
Product image 4Learning Shapes & Colours - QUIRK + foible London
Product image 5Learning Shapes & Colours - QUIRK + foible London
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This bag is focused on improving your child's knowledge of colour and shapes. There are numerous activities included within the bag and as each learning bag is designed to grow with your child so they you can keep returning to different activities as their ability and confidence grows. You also get access to a 'printable' library giving you lots of ideas to keep your child educated and entertained giving you one less thing to worry about.

Key Learning Skills

  • Shape recognition & colour recognition | Sequences & Series | Hand-Eye Coordination | Cognitive Ability | Creative Thinking | Pincer Grip

      What's Included?

      1. A double sided activity guide to help you with the activities
      2. Six double sided A4 activity cards (wipeable)
      3. Six coloured hand marks 
      4. 49 shape pieces
      5. 18 linking shapes
      6. 40 sticks for making shapes 
      7. 1 colour dice
      8. Access to our "Colours + Shapes" online library containing numerous activities and ideas to keep your child entertained for ages
      9. A wipeable bag to keep everything in one handy place - perfect for storage and 'on the go' learning

      When to use them?

      Anytime really but they are especially good for:

      • working on key areas your child may struggle with
      • rainy day activities
      • keeping your child busy while you make dinner 
      • while travelling on planes, boats or trains
      • in restaurants while waiting for their food
      • waiting rooms

      Please note:

      Suitable for ages 3+ due to loose parts. Adult supervision advised.



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