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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Toddlers 2021

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Toddlers 2021

Christmas is a time for giving but it can be hard thinking of what Christmas gifts to buy a toddler especially when you probably have lots of different people to buy for.

In the guide below, we have listed various options all with a development aspect to them so not only will your toddler enjoy playing with their Christmas gift it will help them develop. We have also tried to avoid gifts that have unnecessary small plastic components and included Christmas gifts that would last. Where possible we have also tried to suggest ideas where your purchase will be supporting small businesses (SSB).

The list below is in no particular order as we LOVE them all! 

1. Yoga Book For Bedtime - £12.99

Books are always a good present as they are fun, educational and allow you to spend quality time together. I have started to incorporate a few yoga postures into the boys bedtime routine which is why I have included the yoga book below as one of our top ten gifts for toddlers this Christmas. calms them down, relaxes them and to be honest it's good fun for all involved.

There is also a 'good morning' yoga book!

Yoga for toddlers bedtime

Developmental value:

Yoga will enhance flexibility, strength and coordination. It will also provide a sense of calmness and relaxation which is just what you want close to bedtime.


2. Lanka Kade Stacking Animals - £16

These wooden toys are not only beautiful but they are ethically sourced too by an eco conscious really can't go wrong with these! 

Lanka Kade Stacking Animals

Developmental value: Help toddlers learn animal names and attempt to stack the animals.  Stacking will not only provide endless entertainment for your toddler but they will also help with concentration, spatial awareness, improve fine motor skills and help teach cause and effect.


3. Dress Up By A Heartly Craft (SSB) - £25

If you're looking for dress up ideas then definitely take a look at this small business. They have lots of fun dress up ideas from masks to dragon, owl, penguin and even a fox outfits.

Christmas Gifts For Toddlers, Owl Costume, Fancy Dress

Developmental value:  Dress up is extremely important especially in the early years as it promotes imaginative play, enhances communication and relationships and boosts confidence.


4. Personalised Xylophone - £22

How cute it this....I actually would like one of these for Christmas! My boys may no longer be toddlers but we receive a Xylophone for a Christmas gift and we still have it three years later and it's still being used...although sometimes unwantedly outside my bedroom door at 7am in the morning!

My First Years Personalised Xylophone 

Developmental value:  Not just a xylophone! As well as making your child smile which is obviously good for their wellbeing, playing musical instruments can also aid coordination, increase sensory development as well as develop fine and gross motor skills.


5. Toddler Flashcards (SSB) - £6.75

Flashcards can be a great Christmas gift for toddlers especially for those who are visual learners.  My Little Learner do a range of durable flashcards which are designed to last as they are double-sided with a more advanced phase of learning on the back.   


Developmental value: Flashcards can be a great way to learn for visual learners especially if they are used in a fun interactive way. Toddler flashcards can be used to improve cognitive development, improve fine motor skills, stimulate thinking for themselves and increase confidence..please see our blog for more information on the use of flashcards.


6.  Skittles - £15

Fun fun fun! Skittles are great especially in the cold and rainy autumn/winter months when you're likely to spend more time indoors. Look at those cute little faces..... what toddler wouldn't love to received these animal skittles by JoJo Mama Bebe as their Christmas gift.

JoJoMamanBebe Skittle Animals

Developmental value:

Skittles help to develop a child's hand to eye coordination, physical development as well as their motor skills and balance. They can also aid numeracy skills by counting the number of skittles that have been knocked down.


7. Super Rainbow Deluxe Aquadoodle - £24.99

Mess free fun and development....what could be better!  We had one of these bought for us as a birthday gift and I cannot recommend it's also portable so you could take it anywhere with you (within reason!).Super Rainbow Deluxe Aquadoodle

Developmental value: 

This is a great gift to encourage creativity and imagination. By holding the pens and paint brushes that come included your child will unknowingly developing their fine and gross motor skills and you can also use in together to explore colours and shapes. For more tips on helping children build the necessary skills prior to commencing writing see our Learning To Write blog.


8. Magformers Construction Set - £30.99

Magformers Building Blocks For Toddlers 

For a wooden for eco-friendly version please check out Designer Maglocks.

Developmental value:

Inspire hours of open-ended, creative play as well as reinforcing motor skills. The magformers construction set also comes with a model booklet which will introduce children to colour matching as they have to match the magformer pieces to the picture to build an object.


9. Number and Shapes Puzzle (SSB) - £19.99

I do love a puzzle and this one is a cracker as not only is it beautiful, it will also grow with your child...something that I love!

As well as helping with the developmental areas mentioned below this puzzle will also help with number recognition, counting, shapes and later aid basic arithmetic...I love it!

Natural Norah Montessori scandinavian/nordic sh

Developmental value:

Puzzles are an all rounder in my opinion as they can help with numerous development areas such as problem solving, fine motor development, hand and eye coordination as well as boosting self esteem and confidence. 


10. Christmas Story Box (SSB) - £25

These beautifully curated story boxes by  ZaZa's Storybox make the perfect toddler gift for any occasion but I especially love their Christmas themed boxes.

Choose from 5 different Christmas box: Christmas, Elf Christmas, Reindeer Christmas, Snowman Christmas  and Angel Christmas and they also include a Nakd Snack, Hoogly Tea and Childs Farm Bathtime Bubbles whilst stocks last. 

Christmas Gifts For Toddlers, ZaZa Storybox

Developmental value:

Books we all know are great for children of any ages as they support language development, teaches communication skills and build listening and memory skills not to mention the quality time that you spend reading with your child. These boxes also contain Christmas Lanka Kade Stacking pieces which we covered above in point 2.


If you think I've missed anything then please pop a comment below and also pop a comment below to tel us your favourite Christmas gift for toddlers...

It will be here before you know it!

Jo Xx

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