Activities To Improve Fine Motor Skills

Lots of pictures and ideas to help you develop your child's fine motor skills while they play!  Developed fine motor control ultimately enables a child to gain independence and thus develop confidence BUT how do you develop these key skills..... with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE through PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Ways To Use Our Writing Mats

Learning to write should be fun. The child needs to be entertained, engaged and it certainly shouldn't feel like it's a chore. This blog article gives you different ways that our writing mats can be used...adopting a multi-sensory approach. If you have any other ways that you've used our writing mats then please let me know x

How To Diffuse Anger in Children?

...send them to their room, sit them on the naughty step or take away their toys. These are the techniques that most of us know and use but what do they really teach our children? We list a few alternative techniques THAT REALLY WORK!!

Stages of a developing pencil grip

How a child holds a pencil is very important when it comes to letter formation and learning to write, as a functiona...

Writing in EYFS

Do you know what is expected of your child in terms of learning to write? We all know children need to learn to writ...

The Importance of Handwriting

Why is handwriting important? - An Interview with Dr. Angela Webb.    Many of your questions answered...When should teaching letter formation begin? Are handwriting apps useful? Tips for left-handed writers.    

Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Toddlers 2021

Christmas is a time for giving but it can be hard thinking of what Christmas gifts to buy a toddler especially when y...

Applying for primary school 2022

......what you need to know and consider It's that time of year again where you may need to start thinking about appl...

Top Tips To Help Your Child Learn To Write

In this blog we will focus on how you can help develop your child's writing skills and therefore give them the best start possible when they come to learn to write. It will layout the skills required before they start on their learning to write journey, ideas of how to develop these key writing skills and also key milestone so you know what to expect and when from your child (*note - these are only guidelines!)

Is Your Child Starting School

Many of us don’t actually think about the language we are using when we speak to our children (it’s only as I’m writing this that I realise just how daunting this can be for a child and obviously some more than others) but if you actually think about it this news is MASSIVE to a child and the language we choose to explain it can make a big difference...

Toddler flashcards: Good or bad?

If you search for the phrase 'flashcards for toddlers' you will see many reviews on how flashcards are bad for your toddler but are they really? Or does it depend on how they are used?

My biggest worry..... social media

One of my biggest worries as a mother is social media!  We want to keep our children safe and we do that by educating them, teaching them right from wrong and also teaching them to assess potential risks and how to deal with them but I'm lost as how to do that with social media.....
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