From all the information below, I hope you can see that we are very passionate about giving children the best start and 'nurturing little minds".

Children need familiarity and consistency which is why we have carefully used the same text across all of our products that is consistent in the way your child is likely to be taught at school.

When it comes to learning to write, it is so very important that children start to form letters correctly from the very beginning.  The repeated action of forming letters creates muscle memory which will eventually allow your child to write without thinking...similar to the action of walking.

Once muscle memory has been established it can be extremely difficult to undo which is why it is so important that letters are formed correctly.

Forming letters correctly from the very beginning is really setting your child up for a great start as it will reduce frustration, free up brain capacity to focus on learning other topic areas and increase confidence.

Below is why we truly believe that our learning resources are the best choice.

Clear Starting Points

All of our formation mats have a fun "starting star" and 'ending dot" to really engage your child and encourage them to start forming letters in the correct direction. 

We also have added the option to include directional arrows to most of our mats which may further help to form letters correctly.

Teaching the right way

Children love familiarity which is why we have carefully considered the text we have used across all of our products and ensured consistency in the way your child is likely to be taught at school. 

So many other companies overlook this and it can cause more harm than good. Common variations include the letters y, capitals I and J (not having the line across the top) and the numbers 6 and 9 which if used as they are typed here can cause much confusion.  


We want to help!  With writing, a child needs to be developmentally ready ...  lots of fine motor activities and developing gross motor skills is key. 

We genuinely care so we have created some helpful blog articles and parent guides to you really can give your child the best start.

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