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Writing in EYFS, letter formation

Dec 10, 2019

Writing in EYFS

Do you know what is expected of your child in terms of learning to write? We all know children need to learn to writ...
Applying for primary school, school places UK, primary school admissions - My Little Learner

Sep 11, 2019

Applying for primary school 2022

......what you need to know and consider It's that time of year again where you may need to start thinking about appl...
First Day Of School Print, starting school, primary school admissions, school keepsakes - My Little Learner

Jul 16, 2019

Is Your Child Starting School

Many of us don’t actually think about the language we are using when we speak to our children (it’s only as I’m writing this that I realise just how daunting this can be for a child and obviously some more than others) but if you actually think about it this news is MASSIVE to a child and the language we choose to explain it can make a big difference...