How To Diffuse Anger in Children?

...send them to their room, sit them on the naughty step or take away their toys. These are the techniques that most of us know and use but what do they really teach our children? We list a few alternative techniques THAT REALLY WORK!!

My biggest worry..... social media

One of my biggest worries as a mother is social media!  We want to keep our children safe and we do that by educating them, teaching them right from wrong and also teaching them to assess potential risks and how to deal with them but I'm lost as how to do that with social media.....

THREE: To be or not to be.....

It's so important to establish a 'balance' in your life as soon as you are able to when you become a mum!  My experience of this and how I needed "a little less mummy and a little more me......".

A little less mummy and a little more me......

Hi! This is the first time I've written a blog so please bear with me... So why now, why I am doing this now?  Because I am 'me again'....I was born me, I spent the next 33 years being me and then I became a wife and shortly after that a mummy and shortly after that a mummy of two.  Slowly, well actually quite abruptly I was no longer 'me', I was just a 'version of me'....
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