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About Us & Why Us?

My Little Learner | About Us

How It All Started...

Like all parents I want to give my children the best start in life so I started creating fun activities to help them learn and develop key skills.   So when my 2 boys brought home some drab writing sheets to help them learn to write their name I thought I could definitely improve upon them and make the activity a little more fun and appealing....and it worked!

They loved how they could see their progress, trace their name and better still wipe it away and start again! Other parents wanted me to make the writing mats for their children and that's how it all began.....
I now I have a successful business that I can call my own! I feel very lucky, I absolutely love what I do and feel delighted when customers tell me how my products have really helped their little ones to learn! 
wipeable learning mat, learn to write

Why Us?

Because you want the best for your child and so do we!
Children learn through play, they shouldn't feel like they have to learn they should want to learn and that's what our carefully curated products achieve. 
We provide high quality, fun and colourful learning products that will provide enjoyment and encouragement to your child - making learning effortless!
Recommended by both parents and teachers and loved by children so you can be confident that you are receiving the best for your child's development!
        • high quality materials = durable
        • wipe clean = re-usable
        • double sided = greater learning potential
        • excellent customer service = happy customers

Did You Know?

We've now implemented 'starting stars' and 'end dots' to all of our writing mats giving children a fun incentive to start and finish each letter in the correct place. This is because forming letters in the correct direction from the very beginning is key to forming good habits.  We also include directional arrows to act as a visual aid and the encourage the correct pencil direction. 

Finally, it is important for children to move on from tracing as quickly as they can so they can start to form the letters from memory...we have incorporated this into our mats to give your child the best start!

Our Promise To You

I really believe in our products and want to offer children the best learning experience because that's what they deserve.
I also want to be the best business we can by ensuring that we continue to care!
        • We Care about your child's future
        • We Care about the community
        • We Care about the environment
......this is our promise to you.

Products You Can Trust

My new found passion in helping little ones learn inspired me to offer the best products that I could so after extensive research, attending courses, talking to other parents and early years teachers and becoming a member of the National Handwriting Association I believe I have done that. They are loved by both parents and children and approved by teachers.

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