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Thanks for joining me! I'm basically preparing for "lockdown" with my children so I wanted to share the resources that I have with everyone so we can all get through this together.  It's a testing time when we all need to help one another out!
All the resources are FREE and please do ask for anything that you may want as I may be able to help out.
I don't want your emails so I can sell anything back to you ALL I ask is for you to share ideas into the facebook group as these may help another mum, dad or carer out....because let's face it entertaining small children for weeks on end is no easy task.
The link to the resources is here and more will be added over the coming days as I complete them.....I hope they help.
Jo Xx
If you would like a wipe clean pouch to use with any of the learning resources then they can be purchased for only a £1 during this period.
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