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Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1

Product image 1Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
Product image 2Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
Product image 3Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
Product image 4Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
Product image 5Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
Product image 6Pre-Writing + Name:Stage 1 - My Little Learner
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Pre-writing skills are the key skills children require before they are able to write.

These skills contribute greatly to the child’s ability to draw, colour and write and play a major role in their ability to hold and use a pencil.

There are 9 key pre-writing shapes that make up most letters and numbers and your child will typically be able to master these shapes with practice when they are developmentally ready (see images).

Our pre-writing learning mats are designed to help your child practice tracing and copying the key shapes and patterns required before moving onto letter formation. Pushing a child to learn to write too early can be detrimental to their future learning in all subject areas so it is very important to take their time and get it right to avoid forming bad habits.

My Little Learner, Pre writing skills worsheets

Why choose our learning mats?

  • A gradual approach to learning to write, designed to aid confidence and development independent letter formation (stage 1, stage 2, stage 3)
  • Our letter formation mats have clear 'starting stars' so the child knows where to begin the pencil movement and 'ending dots' so they know where to finish.  
  • They promote learning to write by engaging visual memory and motor memory.

Once your child has developed the strength, ability and confidence in imitating/copying these shapes + patterns they can then move onto practicing their name with the 'name' learning mat which has been specially designed to build confidence in your child as they clearly see their progress. 

All of our learning mats come in 6 different designs, colourful and bright to make 'learning fun'!

  • "Starter Star' so the child knows where they should begin
  • Directional arrows can be added if required (select on checkout)
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and above
  • Help your preschooler learn to write their name + practice letter formation
  • Wipeable/Reusable
  • Double-sided
  • Recommended by primary school teachers
  • Great reviews by parents
  • Tested by my own two children to ensure the mats are fun and engaging!

To purchase a triangular pen perfect for correct finger positioning click here

**Use any felt tip pen and wipe away with or damp cloth

To help with their pen grip please check out our writing accessories

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