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Letter formation

My Little Learner is passionate about children’s learning and believes “learning should be fun”, this is why all of our products are fun, colourful and most of all engaging. 
We undertake a lot of time researching and testing each product to ensure it is of the highest quality as well as collaborating with primary school teachers to ensure our learning mats and flashcards meet with the current early years framework and KS1 national curriculum.
All of our learning products are wipeable so they can be wiped and used over again.  This is because it is proven that repetition is a necessary building block in child development. Repetition improves speed, increases  confidence and strengthens brain connections that helps children to learn.  This combined with encouragement and praise goes a long way to aiding development of any new skill.
May Little Learner also believes consistency is key when it comes to teaching children. That is why all of our children’s learning mats and toddler flashcards including our alphabet flashcards, number flashcards, shape flashcards and phonic flashcards use fonts that are supported by UK primary schools and the same fonts are used throughout all of our products to ensure children receive consistent teaching and are not confused in anyway. This is very important when it comes to helping your child learn to write and with letter formation practice. 
All of our learning mats and children’s flashcards try to adopt a ‘dual’ teaching approach so not only are you receiving value for money, the child can turn the learning mats or flashcards over to move onto a more difficult phase of learning.

Want to help your child learn to write?

Why not start with one of our “learn to write you name” can choose to have your child’s name on the front and lowercase alphabet on the back. This will help with name recognition, letter formation and will ultimately help your child learn to write.
Listed below are just some of the great learning mats and flashcards available ...
Learning Mats
*Learn to write your name
*Learn to write the alphabet
*Learn to write number 
*Common exception words

Toddler + Preschooler flashcards
* Alphabet flashcards
*Number flashcards
*Shape + colour flashcards
*Phonics flashcards

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