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We are passionate about helping your child learn to write and we also want to ensure parents know how they can help their children to give them the best possible start.
Handwriting is a skills which is quite often overlooked but forming good habits from a young age is crucial. 
Learn To Write, Learning Mats

What we recommend?

We recommend following our staged approach to learning how to write.
Our staged learning mats offer a gradual approach to learning to write ensuring your child is developmentally ready to move up to the next stage.
    • Build confidence and develop independent letter formation.
    • Clear 'starting stars' so the child knows where to begin the pencil movement and 'ending dots' so they know where to finish.  
    • Promote learning to write by engaging visual memory and motor memory.
    • Free parent guides so you know how you can best support your child.
We also offer personalised learning mats and a taster pack which are a great way to introduce your child to their name, letters and numbers.
Incorrect Letter Formation, Learn To Write

Don't Forget Our Free Guides  

We have some free guides on our website to help parents understand how they best can help their children on their learning to write journey.
We also have a range of helpful blog articles to ensure you have handy activities and tips at hand to educate and entertain your child.
All of our learning mats are loved by parents and are teacher approved.

If you have any other question or you wish to purchase a mat that you cannot see on our website then please do get in touch...we love to help!

Learning To Write, Name, Letter Formation